Crypto Project

Course outline

In this project you will work on current topics in applied cryptography from a practical perspective. Prior knowledge in cryptography and IT-security as well as a sound knowledge in programming (depending on the project) is required. A list of actual topics students can work on will be presented on the preliminary meeting. It is also possible to propose new topics. In general the projects consist of programming and if necessary of research and analysis parts beloning to applied cryptography. The projects shall be done during the semester alone or in groups. Besides a program a wirtten draft of 10 to 25 pages has to be submitted where the own results are presented. The topics will be distributed at the first meeting. After that individual appointments with the supervisors will be made. The students agree on a deadline with their supervisor and is usually after one semester. After the lecture period their will be a second in person meeting of all participants where the present their work in about 30 minutes, followed by a 10 minute discussion. Apart from theses two dates there are no fixed dates inbetween. The project normally shall be done completely (draft, talk and discussion) in english. The number of participants is limited to 10. Please sign up via StudOn with your name, enrolment number, field of studies, the semester you are in and a short (not more than one A4 page) application. The approved participants will be noticed until the first meeting.

(Recommended) requirements

At least on succesful taken lecture or seminar or practica at the Chair of Applied Cryptography.

Learning objective

The students will learn to

  • understand current protocols behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • analyse their properties and assess their weaknesses
  • assess the properties of new cryptocurrencies from the literature

General Information

First meeting: t.b.a.

ECTS: 10

Language: Englisch