CANCELED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS: Distinguished Speaker: Jonathan Katz

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Jonathan Katz canceled his trip due to the uncertainty with the coronavirus. We will re-schedule his visit later this year when the situation is clear. We will post a new invitation here.


It is our pleasure to invite you to the distinguished lecture of Jonathan Katz on Tuesday 03.03.2020 at 10:00am in KS II, Cauerstr 4.

Jonathan Katz is one of the most influential cryptographers in the past 10 years, he is the recipient of the Humboldt Research Award, IACR Fellow, ACM SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award, Mercator Fellow, and many more. The talk will be given for a general audience.

Title: Picnic: From Zero Knowledge and Secure Computation to a Next-Generation Signature Scheme

Abstract: Recent progress in cryptography has shown that many ideas previously viewed as purely theoretical can sometimes lead to surprisingly efficient implementations. In this talk I will describe a surprising application of secure computation and zero-knowledge proofs to the construction of Picnic, a “post-quantum” signature scheme currently under consideration by NIST for standardization.