Presentation Bachelor Thesis Thomas Röthenbacher: “Password-Hardened Attribute-Based Encryption”

On 1 July 2021 at 16:00 CEST, Thomas Röthenbacher will present his bachelor thesis titled “Password-Hardened Attribute-Based Encryption”.

You can join the Zoom meeting using the following details:

Meeting ID: 688 1128 1372
Passcode: 360224


In this talk I will present my Bachelors thesis in which I explore the possibility of using Password Hardened Encryption together with Attribute Based Encryption to secure files in cloud-storage scenarios. The data is encrypted when not in use, while still allowing for relatively complex access control. This makes features like groups and subdirectories possible. The scheme I describe in my thesis is derived from the Password-Hardened Encryption protocol introduced by Lai in 2018 and the Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption scheme introduce by Lewko and Waters in 2011.