Talk by Fabian Fleischer: “Introduction to Distributed Password-authenticated Symmetric Encryption”

On 30 July 2021 at 16:30 CEST, Fabian Fleischer will give a talk titled “Introduction to Distributed Password-authenticated Symmetric Encryption”.

You can join the Zoom meeting using the following details:
Meeting ID: 676 5548 7037 Passcode: 283682


Current solutions for secure online storage require the user to handle strong cryptographic keys or to trust the provider. Das et al. proposed Distributed Password-authenticated Symmetric Encryption (DPaSE) in 2020 to tackle the challenge of secure online storage based on only a user password.

The construction of DPaSE by Das et al. relies on a verifiable extendable distributed partially-oblivious pseudo-random function (vedpOPRF), which they also proposed in their publication. This work provides an overview of DPaSE and vedpOPRF. The focus lies on the security definitions and protocols of the two schemes, the comparison to other primitives, and open challenges.