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Cryptography has always been driven by their applications and the technological advances. We understand the importance of developing practical cryptographic techniques and protocols to address the challenges raised by these new deleoptments. 


SFB 1223: Privacy-Preserving Cloud Storage (B04)

Moderne Cloudspeicher bergen Risiken für die Privatsphäre sowohl der Datenbesitzer als auch der Datennutzer. Wie lässt sich eine feingranulare Zugangskontrolle realisieren, ohne die Zugriffsmuster zu offenbaren? Wie können Datennutzer unterstützt werden, ohne die Identität von Datenbesitzern zu offenbaren? Wir untersuchen datenschutzwahrende ausgelagerte Datenbanken mit multiplen Datenbesitzern und -nutzern. Dazu gehören geeignete Datenschutzkonzepte, kryptographische Primitive, die diese Konzep…

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PROMISE: Development of the underlying cryptographic algorithms and of the cloud application

Personal genetic data and their analysis are becoming more and more important in everyday life. While the first genome was published in 2000 and only a very small number of genome sequences existed in 2010, in 2014, the genomes of 280 000 people were sequenced. This trend continues, and therefore, it can be expected that by 2017, approximately 1,6mio genomes will have been sequenced (Regalado, 2014). All in all, it can be expected that a few years from now, more than 20mio people will have been sequenced (entire genomes and parts of genomes). 

The PROMISE project's goal is to strengthen the individual's right to self-determination and data protection: "Who does what with my genetical data, and for what purpose"? Data security is the top priority. Users should understand what their data is being used for and a solution suitable for daily use should be developed, so the trust of users in the safe processing is strengthened.

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