Dominique Schröder

Prof. Dr. Dominique Schröder

Department of Computer Science
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 13 (Angewandte Kryptographie)

Room: Room 11.2.23
Fürther Straße 246C / Eingang 5
90429 Nürnberg


2006 Diploma in CS, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Jul.-Oct. 2010 Visitor, University of Maryland, USA
 2010 Dr. rer.nat. in CS, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
 2011-2012 University of Maryland, Dept. of CS, postdoc in the group of Prof. Jonathan Katz
 2012-2015 Assistant Professor (W1), Saarland University, Germany
Aug.-Oct. 2013 Visitor, University of Maryland, USA
2015-2016 Tenured Associate Professor (W2) ,  Saarland University, Germany
Jul.-Aug. 2015 Visitor, University of Maryland, USA
Since 2016 Chair for Applied Cryptography (W3), Department of Computer Science, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Selected Publications

USENIX SECURITY’17 Phoenix: Rebirth of a Cryptographic Password-Hardening Service.  Joint work with Russell Lai, Christoph Egger, and Sherman Chow.
ACM CCS’16 Efficient Cryptographic Password Hardening Services from Partially Oblivious Commitments. Joint work with Jonas Schneider, Nils Fleischhacker, and Michael Backes.
CRYPTO’16 Two-Message, Oblivious Evaluation of Cryptographic Functionalities. Joint work with Nico Döttling, Nils Fleischhacker, and Johannes Krupp.
ACM CCS’15 Liar, Liar, Coins on Fire!: Penalizing Equivocation By Loss of Bitcoins. Joint work with Tim Ruffing and Aniket Kate
 CRYTO’15 Efficient Pseudorandom Functions via On-the-Fly Adaptation. Joint work with Nico Doettling.
IEEE S&P’15 Privacy and Access Control for Outsourced Personal Records. Joint work with Matteo Maffei, Giulio Malavolta, and Manuel Reinert.
CRYPTO’14 Feasibility and Infeasibility of Secure Computation with Malicious PUFs. Joint work with Dana Dachman-Soled, Nils Fleischhacker, Jonathan Katz, and Anna Lysyanskaya  
CRYPTO’12 Round Optimal Blind Signatures. Joint work with Sanjam Garg, Vanishree Rao, Amit Sahai, and Dominique Unruh.
ACM CCS’12 Verifiable Data Streaming. Joint work with Heike Schröder
Eurocrypt’10 On the Impossibility of Three-Move Blind Signature Schemes. Joint work with Marc Fischlin


  • 2013: Intel Early Career Faculty Award (Intel)
  • 2011: Postdoctoral Fellowship (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD))
  • 2010: Fellow of the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD))
  • 2007: Lehrpreis Gute Lehre in der Informatik (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
  • 2000: Programming Contest N@tkids (TV Akte 2000 and

Lectures in this Semester

Lecture (VORL)

  • Einführung in die moderne Kryptographie

    No previous knowledge in Cryptography or computer Security is required.

    • 4 SWS; Expected participants: 40; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 5), Lecture's language English
    • Date:
      • Thu 14:15-15:45, Room SR 00.030 (exclude vac) ICS
      • Thu 15:45-17:15, Room SR 00.030 (exclude vac) ICS

Exercise (UE)

Project Seminar (PJS)

  • Crypto Projekt

    • Expected participants: 10; Allowed for guest students; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 10), Lecture's language English
    • Date:
      • Time and place on appointment

Seminar (SEM)

  • Doktorandenseminar i13

    Prerequisite: At least one of the lectures / seminars offered by the chair.

    Periodic seminar sessions organized by the chair, where a speaker presents his/her research or some latest work. Students are also welcome to participate/attend. For participation students are required to mail the co-ordinator with a short background of their academic record and their motivation. Participating students will be informed about the schedule for each session promptly via e-mail. Participating students can take this as a seminar of 5 ETCS credits.

    • 2 SWS; Expected participants: 15; Allowed for guest students; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 5), Lecture's language English
    • Date:
      • Time and place on appointment
  • Doktorandenseminar i13

    • 2 SWS; Expected participants: 10
    • Date:
      • Time and place on appointment
  • Recent Advances in Cryptography

    • 4 SWS; Expected participants: 10; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 5)
    • Date:
      • Wed 10:00-12:00, (exclude vac) ICS

Colloquium (KO)

  • Ringvorlesung Cybercrime

    Die Ringvorlesung zum Graduiertenkolleg "Cybercrime" findet in der Regel jede zweite Woche statt, in den Wintersemestern 2019/20 und 2020/21 in der Informatik, im Sommersemester 2020 in den Rechtswissenschaften.

    • 1 SWS; Expected participants: 32; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 1,25)
    • Date:
      • Tue 18:00-20:00, (exclude vac) ICS

Upper seminar (OS)