The seminar is offered in cooperation of Informatik 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems, Prof. Reinhard German and M.Sc. Jonas Schlund), Informatik 13 (Applied Cryptography, Prof. Dominique Schröder) and ChainSquad GmbH  (Blockchain start-up, Dr. Fabian Schuh).

In order to have a common basis for the seminar it will start with an introduction presented by the lecturers. Prof. Schröder will explain basics of the blockchain technology and Prof. German will give insights about the corresponding vision.

Course outline

The following topics are offered:

  • Bitcoin in detail (and comparison to alternative cryptocurrencies) – 1 talk
  • Smart contracts and decentral applications – 2 talks
    • General purpose blockchains (e.g. Ethereum) and their functionality
    • Application specific blockchains
  • Security – 4 talks
    • Privacy at Bitcoin
    • Privacy-by-Design (e.g. Monero, ZeroCoin, ZeroCash)
    • Attacks, know problems with ECDSA and alternatives (Schnorr-signature)
    • Deterministic random seeds on blockchains
  • Quantitative aspects – 2 talks
    • Scalability, performance, latency, approaches for solutions
    • Energy consumption of PoW and alternative consensus processes (PoS, Casper, DPOS, BFT) in comparison
  • Applications outside of fintech (energy, mobility, health, digital identities, …) – 1 talk
  • Blockchains and their economics in comparison – 1 talk
  • Legal aspects of blockchains in fintech – 1 talk

You can suggest personal topics as well, which will be considered in case they fit in well in the program.

General Information

The enrollment for the seminar is done via mail to Jonas Schlund. Please indicate your study course, matriculation number and your favorite topic. The final allocation of the topics follows at the first event (19.10.2017).


First meeting: 19.10.2017

Seminar: Thurseday, 14 – 16 h Room 04.137

Dozent: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard German, Prof. Dr. Dominique Schröder, M.Sc. Jonas Schlund


Sprache: Deutsch



Additional information

Field of studies

  • WPF, IuK-BA
  • WPF, IuK-MA